Producer ◦ DJ ◦ Radio ◦ Host


SheShe is a creative producer who’s influenced by the trends of great producers such as Quincy Jones. With her work ethic and eclectic style, know that she won’t stop until her vision for the show has reached its maximum potential. SheShe got her start in radio and has been in the broadcasting industry for over five years. Her dream was to become a singer/rapper but while interning for a popular radio station in Atlanta she fell in love with production. The only thing that didn’t change was her love for wanting to become a DJ. She’s now a producer for the #1 syndicated gospel show in the country “The Nightly Spirit with Darlene McCoy”. SheShe created a podcast called Tha G which features her mixes. SheShe considers herself to be a Renaissance woman because of her passion for Radio, Music, Film, DJ and Production. 




This was a DREAM that became a GOAL and is now a REALITY, so yea I LOVE EVERY bit of it. Has it been a struggle? Of course, but those struggles and rejections made me into the person that I am today
— SheShe